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Sumos are a scuzz-pop band from Manchester, UK. They began as a bedroom recording project between Joel Sloan (Guitar, Lead Vocals) and Kyle Tarbuck (Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals) after a hiatus from playing together in a previous band. They then became a four-piece, adding Kyle's sister Siobhán Tarbuck on Bass and Andy Kilroy on Drums.

Sumos debut album "Surfacing" is the follow up to their home-recorded EP 'Weird Summer' in April 2020.

Sumos are: Andrew Kilroy, Joel Sloan, Kyle Tarbuck and Siobhan Tarbuck

Influences: Husker Du, Lemonheads, Flying Nun Records, P.S. Elliot, Mikal Cronin, Pixies, East River Pipe, The Beths, Mike Krol



Twitter: @sumosmusic


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“Surfacing” is the debut album from Manchester scuzz-pop band Sumos.

Back in early 2021, Sumos were getting ready to produce another EP (following their self-produced first EP "Weird Summer”), while continuing the process of transitioning from a small bedroom project to a full band. However, as the pandemic put a stop to their fledgling rehearsals, and after being approached by Álvaro at Meritorio Records, it made sense to redirect their efforts to an album.

"Surfacing" is a collection of songs written by Joel Sloan, Kyle Tarbuck, Siobhán Tarbuck, and Andy Kilroy. Recorded at home and mixed by their good friend Ian Fraser, the album covers the friction and animosity of the modern world, coming to terms with the loss of a loved one, escaping the corporate grind, plus of course probably the most sung subject in pop music; relationships.

Written and recorded in Joel's windowless spare room, whilst consciously trying to avoid making a 'lockdown record’ (a somewhat hackneyed term nowadays), “Surfacing" can't help but be informed by the claustrophobic and confined recording process. When restrictions made face-to-face production difficult, songs were written and recorded at a distance, with tracks swapped back and forth via email.

Musically, Surfacing takes inspiration from the bands of Flying Nun Records, melodic garage rockers like Mike Krol and Mikal Cronin, and the home-recorded genius of East River Pipe and Bill Fox.


Finding A Way

'Finding a Way' is the first single and opening track from Sumo's debut album 'Surfacing'. "It's a 3-minute noisy pop song about probably the most sung about subject in pop music, a troubled relationship."

Small Talk

"'Small Talk' is the second single from the debut album 'Surfacing'. The song is about a breakdown in communication, trying to find the right words to fix a situation, but failing. How the most difficult things to say to someone are sometimes the most important, how it can never seem like the right time to say them and they can end up going unsaid."


"'Enemies' is the third and final single taken from 'Surfacing', our debut album. Musically the song started out very differently, as a big 70s rock riff where I was basically ripping off Sheer Mag. Then Kyle worked his guitar magic on it and it changed direction. The song is loosely about how polarised society feels these days, the bad sides of social media and the constant conflict and animosity between people and communities."

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